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29-00000006 FAN 40mm x15mm BRUSHLESS 12VDC 6-8CFM 28-34dBA 1606KL B30 04W 100 Call
29-00000007 FILTER COMMON MODE 2A 50V 120mOhm 200-Ohm@20-300MHz -25° to +85°C ZJYS51R5-2P 670 1.05
29-14001300 FERRITE 52mm Ribbon Cable Core 2643163951 17 Call
29-14001400 FERRITE 65mm Ribbon Cable core 2643164051 26 Call
29-14001700 CHOKE RF200UF Dale IHD-1-220uh 15% 13 2.34
29-14001800 CHOKE RF4.7UH IHD1-4.7UH - DALE 39 13.77
29-14002200 FERRITE BEAD 17-22uH SHIELD CHOKE WB2-2.5TS 750mil pitch thru-hole 167 0.36
29-14002300 FERRITE BEAD 331-Ohm@100MHz 2.2mOhm 43 material2743013211 axial thru-hole 293 1.23
29-14002500 FERRITE SNAP-ON 28A2029-0A2 143 3.84
29-19044008 FAN 200mm 24V 4.5A axial brushless ball bearing 20AWG aluminum Comair MFSE24Z 19044008A 10 129.00
29-21900080 FAN 40mm x10mm BRUSHLESS 5VDC 6.2CFM 110mA 600mW 6500RPM 24.5dBA -10 to 70°C SUNON KDE0504PFB2-8 132 0.50
29-26431666 CORE FLAT CABLE SPLIT Ferrite FAIR-RITE 2643166651 169 Call
29-50121000 FERRITE BEAD 60-Ohm@100kHz SMT CB50-1210 HF50ACB322513-T 1210 1900 0.42

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